Differences and similarities

We have insights into many different areas and deploy our services across these areas and regularly work in new ones. We believe it is important to explore different areas in order to be able to gain wider insights, create links and cross-fertilize. We also tackle areas where we are not experts in the specific areas, but in the methodologies the work requires. In those situations, we partner with experts in the area.

Whilst each area has is specificities and problems in one area are often also found in other areas, just like solutions in one area may be adapted to work in another area. We help solve problems specific to an area as well as problems shared between areas and it is always an interesting challenge. Perhaps what is even more interesting is that many of these areas are interconnected and affect one another greatly. Having experience with and an understanding of each individual area as well as across areas enables us to carry out our work more effectively. If the area you work in is not in the list, it does not mean that we do not work in that area or that we are not interested in doing so.

Working across different areas is an opportunity in itself,
one we cherish