Fit for purpose

The current model of make-use-dispose economy is not sustainable and has environmental impacts with knock-on effects. Consumers are becoming increasingly self-conscious about how their choices affect the environment. Similarly, companies are increasingly putting circularity and sustainability at their top of their agenda.

At White, we monitor these developments round the clock, to ensure that your organisation stays ahead of competition. We work on a variety of projects related to consumer goods. We for example work with representative of the soft drinks industry across Europe in communicating about the industry and its needs to be able to keep producing products that meet consumer wishes while also ensuring a sustainable future. Another example could be our project on technologically advancing existing well-proven manufacturing frameworks, such as FabLabs and Makerspaces and deploy them in connected multi-stakeholder structures, under the concept of collaborative Manufacturing Demonstration Facilities.

We help with everything from research to communications and from market research to policy-development around consumer goods.