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The creation of electricity for distribution to homes and businesses may only have been around for about 150 years, but today’s society is fully dependent on it and it is a part everything we do from production to mobility and from creature comforts and communication to life-saving health services to mention just a few areas of application.

At White we do not just use energy, we also work on projects related energy. An example could be its distributions across Europe through trans-European energy infrastructure projects that have a considerable cross-border impact, Projects of Common Interest (PCIs). Another example could be a project that focused on providing all the framework conditions for biogas communities to shape, develop and thrive. We worked thoroughly to pave the way for the transition from traditional supply chains to regional community-driven biogas initiatives. Promoting the penetration of agrobiomass heating in European rural areas could be another example. If you have an energy project, we can probably help you.

Energy is fundamental to society today and
we can help make sure it is sustainable.