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Technological advancement through automation and digitalization is changing the distribution and the nature of work, generating risks and opportunities in the labour markets. With the latter demanding new skills seemingly overnight, long-life investments in human capital are key to stimulate growth and avoid leaving anyone behind.

At White, we value how skills can transform the society and we stand next to business and policymakers in promoting the development of human capital. We work on a variety of projects related to skills and employment. Examples of these include the perception of sectors, identification of skills gaps, anticipation of future skills needs and general market research. We are able to help with a wide range of different projects and tasks in the areas of skills and employment, whether policy-related, research-oriented or implementation-related, we can help. In addition to this, White also provides training in a number of areas, from EU funding related topics to tendering skills as well as from policy-making basics to media training.

Skills and employment are cornerstones of the worlds economy,
we can help you with your projects in these areas.