The Horizon Europe Cluster 6 Information Days held for the 2024 calls were nothing short of a dynamic gathering of intellects. Bringing together a diverse assembly of participants, including representatives from the private sector, public organizations, academia, and civil society, these events, organised by the European Commission, illuminated the forthcoming funding prospects and call topics etched within the 2024 Work Programme.  Follow us as we recap the highlights of these enlightening days. 

Day 1: Setting the Stage

At the event, high-level speakers explained the Horizon Europe framework in detail, specifically about open calls for proposals. These talks were full of valuable informat

ion and led to lively Q&A sessions, engaging people from different sectors, like businesses, government, schools, and community groups. The discourse explored the policy context and the envisioned outcomes of these calls. 

The main goal of Day 1 was simple: to help attendees understand the many funding opportunities in Cluster 6 of Horizon Europe. The discussions covered important topics like the European Green Deal, innovation, and research, which are key to Europe’s future.

Day 2: Broadening Horizons 

Invited experts took center stage, employing their expertise to unveil the remaining open calls. The spectrum was wide, ranging from the circular and bioeconomy sectors to domains encompassing land, oceans, and water for climate action. Speakers shared valuable tips and insights to help you create successful Horizon Europe proposals.  

The spirit of Day 2 was one of collaboration and knowledge-sharing. People from different places came together to talk about new ideas and solutions. It was a day filled with inspiration and learning that left a strong impression on everyone who was there. 

Looking Ahead: The Power of Collaboration 

The Horizon Europe Cluster 6 Information Days were more than just events; they were catalysts for change. They provided a stage for attendees to explore potential partnerships, with the common goal of pooling resources and expertise under the umbrella of Cluster 6. This collaborative spirit is critical in addressing the complex challenges outlined in the 2024 Work Programme. 

These gatherings are crucial for promoting innovation, pushing research forward, and creating sustainable solutions that match Europe’s ambitious future goals.  

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