Vienna, Austria – The COALA project, a pioneering initiative aimed at developing Copernicus-based services to foster a more sustainable use of water and nutrients in advanced agricultural systems in Australia, reached its successful conclusion in June. The final review meeting held in Vienna, Austria, provided an opportunity for the consortium members to showcase the results of their collaborative efforts and celebrate the project’s successful accomplishments.

This remarkable project funded under Horizon 2020 brought together European and Australian partners for over three years and a half, including SMEs, research institutions, end users, and business entities, to share knowledge and expertise in Earth Observation (EO)-based applications for agriculture. White Research played a crucial role in the project by leading activities related to business, including business modelling, business planning, and innovation and intellectual property management. Their expertise and guidance have paved the way for the commercialization of COALA’s innovations and ensured the project’s sustainability beyond its duration.

Throughout its duration, COALA accomplished extraordinary results thanks to the commitment and expertise of these consortium members. Some of its key achievements include:

Supporting Sustainable Resource Management: By leveraging the power of Copernicus-based services, the COALA services are ready to facilitate the sustainable use of water and nutrients in advanced agricultural systems in Australia. The project’s outcomes offer crucial insights into preserving vital resources while optimizing agricultural productivity.

Facilitating Technology Adoption for Farmers: COALA worked towards bridging the gap between cutting-edge technology and farmers, ensuring that the benefits of EO-based applications reach the growers. This effort has enabled farmers to make informed decisions, improve their yields, and contribute to long-term agricultural sustainability.

Connecting Agricultural Needs with Environmental Concerns:  COALA set out to integrate agricultural practices with environmental considerations. With its activities the project highlighted the importance of environmentally responsible farming practices and demonstrated how EO can play a vital role in striking this delicate balance.

Strengthening European-Australian Business Ties: taking a strategic business to business (B2B) Approach COALA acted as a facilitator, nurturing collaboration between European and Australian entities in the EO-based agricultural sector. This partnership has fostered new business experiences, expanding opportunities and knowledge exchange between the two continents and provided a plan for scale-up in the legacy phase of the project.

As the COALA project ends, it is ready leave a lasting impact on the advancement of sustainable agriculture and EO-based applications in the Australian market and beyond. The achievements of this collaboration show the immense potential of combining expertise from diverse regions to address global challenges. The outcomes of COALA will continue to influence the agricultural sector, promoting a more sustainable and resilient future for farming communities worldwide.

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