"...The economics of information is shifting. Data is now viewed as a commodity, while knowledge, more evasive than ever, is a source of equity for those who can procure it…"

Over the last decades, business worldwide is undergoing major changes. Huge amounts of data are collected daily at ever-rising rate. The traditional analytical capacity fails to keep up with the evolutions making the gap among available information and derived knowledge ever wider.

Data science and its skills remain fragmented in pockets of knowledge, and although breakthrough progress is apparent, its application remains problematic.

Sophisticated analytics are, however, not paramount; understanding customers, users, patients or civilians can be approached with applied experimental methods. Widely accepted in social science, yet largely unknown within consulting firms, these methods gain popularity in what is largely labeled as social marketing.

Data is generated increasingly in ways that traditional market research fails to utilize. The view of the market researcher as a poll runner is largely outdated, as the term “market” itself becomes blurry.

White Research is set to do what its founders love to do. Discover new knowledge that is sensible and useful by drawing on a very simple basic belief:

"We respect the academic foundations of social research and contribute

to the application of its merits to the real world"