science-1182713_640White Research specializes in behavioral research, advanced data analytics and strategic consultation in a number of fields organized under specific main focal areas along with their related sectors and sub-fields.

White Research offers a differentiated model of operations and carries the significant and quite complementary experience and skills of its members. We have an important network of links to world-class collaborators and we hold a success-record in competitive tendering.

We put forth something new such as the experimental behavioral research and we provide a one-stop-shop for advanced analytics that range from mainstream statistics to simulation and structural equation models as well as from simple market reserach methods to complex collective intelligence practices and experimentation techniques.

We operate under the new service paradigm of the S-D Logic (Service-Dominant Logic), therefore, placing great emphasis on value co-creation through harnessing knowledge and relations. Our primary customer is private enterprises and organizations with a need to gain a precise understanding of their customers behaviour, perceptions, needs and interests, based on real evidence rather than speculation.

Moreover, we target public customers with a need to understand civilian behavior, measure the impact of socio-economic interventions and improve their policy precision to which we offer advanced social marketing research and behavioral economics methods.

White Research specializes in the design and evaluation of innovation and business modelling, having a keen interest on Social innovation and Social Entrepreneurs and aiming to bridge such innovations with the entrepreneurial communities. Moreover, the company holds significant experience in Collective Intelligence research methods and techniques.