White Research is a social research and consulting enterprise that specializes in consumer behaviour, market analysis and innovation management.

business-resizedWe address business strategy, policy, market and user-related issues through an array of diverse analytic tools.  More specifically, White Research mines and interprets hard-to-grasp consumer insights through a combination of modern analytics and marketing research and evaluation methods, with an emphasis on applied experimental research as well as on collective intelligence research methods and techniques.

As such, by carrying strong experience in collecting and analysing surveyed or experimental user-related data and in turning asymmetric information to meaningful advices and recommendations, White Research specializes in the design and evaluation of innovative concepts and processes with a keen eye on social innovation and social entrepreneurship aiming to bridge such innovations with the entrepreneurial communities.

Within this context, White Research possesses valuable know-how and expertise in offering business support and innovation management services in relation to business modelling and planning and supports the commercial exploitation and market uptake of research results, innovations and business concepts.

Through its core staff, White Research has access to a wide-ranging expertise and significant experience in translating research to realistic policy and business recommendations, as well as linkages to several EU-related interested civic society groups and networks, therefore, enabling a hybrid Marketing Research – Management Consulting model.