iPRODUCE Survey Launch

The iPRODUCE project is progressing right on schedule and continues its activities by launching the iPRODUCE online survey that will run from March to May 2020.

The objective of this survey is to grasp and analyse the consumers’, makers’ and manufacturing SMEs’ perceptions and opinions on concepts such as the maker movement, collaborative manufacturing and co-creation schemes between the makers, consumers and manufacturer enterprises.

The results will showcase differences among the 3 target group’s viewpoints and perceptions across different European regions and will help us to better understand the needs and preferences of each group for a co-creation collaborative production initiative. In addition, the understanding and classification of stakeholders’ viewpoints will reveal the main gaps, drivers and barriers as well as their support needs upon which iPRODUCE will better target and fine-tune the foreseen activities (i.e. collaborative tools, user innovation tools, blockchain technologies).

The survey lasts approximately 10 minutes and you may find it here. Fill it in and make your opinion heard with the iPRODUCE project! Please feel free to share it.

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