The MOBI-TWIN project, a recently launched initiative funded by the European Union, sets out to redefine regional attractiveness in the context of significant global transition processes such as the green and digital transition – also know as the Twin Transition. The project aims to analyse the changing drivers of spatial mobility and examine the effects of twin transitions on regional attractiveness and human (im)mobility.

A primary focus of MOBI-TWIN is to unravel the underlying factors that influence individuals’ decisions to relocate and how these factors may evolve in response to global changes. By analysing various types of moves, including permanent relocations, commuting patterns, and temporary stays, the project aims to gain insights into the intricate dynamics and implications for different European regions.

Officially launched in June 2023, MOBI-TWIN brings together a consortium of 9 partners from Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, France, Greece, Cyprus and Finland: White Research SRL, Aristotelio Panepistimio Thessalonikis, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, Universitat de Barcelona, Helsingin Yliopisto, Fondation Europeenne de la Science, Politecnico di Milano, Erevnitiko Panepistimiako Institouto Periferiakis Anaptixis, Acceligence Ltd.

As the project coordinator of MOBI-TWIN, White Research (WR) is responsible for leading the overall project management and quality of implementation. Moreover, White Research is leading a key research activity that entails surveying over 12,000 EU citizens about their current mobility patterns, intentions, preferences, tendencies, and types of mobility, while also examining the underlying factors influencing their choices. Finally, WR is responsible for the exploitation and Intellectual Property Rights issues, ensuring that the results of the MOBI-TWIN project will be adequately exploited after the end of the grant.

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