From November 14 to 16, White Research attended the Sustainable Future Week held by POLITICO Live at the NHOW Brussels Bloom Hotel, where climate and energy policy gets real. The event gathered senior reporters and editors to interview key politicians, scientists, and, campaigners including business executives to dive into the increasing political tensions around the EU’s energy and climate policies.

POLITICO's eventOn Day 1, at the Mobility Pass, many topics were covered during the panel discussions from how to achieve green transport targets, to Europe’s emissions ambitions, greening freight transport among the high-level speakers reflecting the diverse voices of the industry, public organisations, academia, and civil society organisations. Nonetheless, Kadri Simson’s (EU Commissioner for Energy) closing interview about a brighter sustainable future for the EU was the highlight of the day.

On Day 2, at the Circular Economy Pass, topics focused on the effectiveness of the Commission’s Circular Economy Action Plan, the Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation review, the sustainable raw materials supplies for the EU with the presence of Portugal’s Minister of Economy and Digital Transition and Maritime Affairs. The day smoothly ended with a constructive debate on the EU Nature Restoration Law recently adopted between MEP Herbert Dorfmann (EEP) and Michal Wiezik (Renew Europe).

POLITICO ’s event led to interesting encounters with actors involved in the field of mobility and circular economy with whom White Research shares common objectives and vision for the future that could lead to potential partnerships.

Last but not least, Sustainable Future Week served as a platform for sustainability stakeholders to exchange, discuss, and share views on how to reach effectively EU climate and energy targets for a more sustainable future for the EU.