Funding source
European Commission – HORIZON Europe (REA)

November 2022 to October 2026

Project information
Thematic keywords

  • Animal behaviour
  • Animal health
  • Animal slaughter
  • Animal welfare
  • Digital services
  • Automated monitoring

Methodological keywords

  • Stakeholder mapping & categorisation
  • Interviews & surveys
  • Multi-actor engagement strategy
  • Best practice guides

Project narrative

The aim of aWISH is to develop and provide a cost-effective solution for assessing and improving the welfare of meat-producing livestock in Europe. The aWISH solution is based on the automatic monitoring of animal-related indicators at slaughter. Necessary technologies will also be developed to collect complementary data on farm or during transport. Pilot and development activities will be carried out in 6 broiler and fattening pig production chains across Europe using a lean multi-actor approach to test and validate the project results.

A catalogue of animal welfare indicators will disseminate all validated indicators and standardised data collection methods. Best practise guides will be developed to improve key aspects of animal welfare in pigs and broilers and to help external stakeholders use aWISH technologies and tools.

We are responsible for the market research activities through the analysis of stakeholders’ needs, perceptions and constraints across the entire farm-to-fork value chain. Furthermore, we are responsible for the stakeholder engagement activities leading to the development of expert panels for knowledge sharing, among farmers, business operators, sectorial experts and scientists.