For research collaborators

To potential research collaborators we offer the following services.



We design new concepts by integrating basic and applied user insights with innovation activities.

We cross fertilize promising concepts from different and seemingly not connected domains in order to produce new innovative ideas.

We work across the entire innovation value chain and Technology Readiness Levels by successfully bringing  research results and concepts into the real market.

We connect researchers with social entrepreneurs in order to facilitate the market uptake of research results.

We apply Social Innovation principles to various fields.



We offer mainstream analytics such as:

  • Market research
  • Quantitative research (online / offline surveys)
  • Qualitative research (e.g. interviews / focus groups)

We also offer advanced analytics such as:

  • Behavioral experiments (lab / field / online)
  • Preference analytics (e.g. full conjoint analysis service)
  • Descriptive statistics, multivariate analysis, clustering and factoring
  • Structural Equation Models (advanced modelling)


Roll Out

We plan, organise and implement pilot activities in order to put to the test and introduce new concepts, services and products to users.

We set up and implement various collective intelligence methodologies (i.e. co-creation workshops, crowdsourcing, hackathons) that put the user in the center of the new service / product / concept development.

Through the use of contemporary crowdsourcing tools we offer access to thousands of users.


Knowledge Creation

We translate research results into meaningful recommedations and tailor them according to our targeted audience, either this is scientific, policy or market oriented.