The ISABEL consultation workshops

The ISABEL consultation workshops took place in April and May 2016 and had a regional focus.  In particular, the events were organised at each ISABEL targeted region and attracted a wide range of local biogas active and non-active stakeholders. The ISABEL regional partners had the responsibility of organising the events while White Research supervised the planning, implementation and results' analysis process. In total 5 consultation workshops were conducted as described below:

The workshops were organised as a means to facilitate knowledge exchange between the project and its stakeholders and aimed to identify their level of understanding and perceptions towards biogas and biogas communities as well as to spot potential barriers and facilitators that could favour or hinder biogas community energy actions.

The events gathered a wealth of valuable insights regarding the regional perceptions that outline the local biogas ecosystems and enabled us to assess the support needs for the gradual market take up of the community biogas concept in the 3 regions.

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