The ISABEL survey on regional biogas stakeholders’ perceptions around biogas and biogas communities.

The survey, commissioned by White Research, was used as a tool to assess the perceptions, interests and views of the community biogas stakeholders along some potentially crucial factors. The aim was to enrich our understanding of our target audience and to pinpoint meaningful heterogeneities within this broad group of respondents.

The survey was launched in a hard copy and an online version in the regions of Baden-Württemberg, Yorkshire and the Humber, Central and Eastern Macedonia & Thrace.

The survey commenced on Monday 25 April and run until Monday 23 May 2016 engaging a broad range of the ISABEL stakeholder groups (i.e. biomass providers; biogas producers; energy providers and grid owners; policy-makers and authorities; intermediaries; NGOs; general public). To facilitate maximum response rate the survey was designed to take approximately 5 minutes to complete.

The results of the survey were leveraged in the ISABEL “Communities’ and stakeholders’ perceptions on biogas and its implications” report. The analysis revealed several findings that could be considered for the promotion of the community energy concept in the ISABEL targeted regions.

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