It is exciting times a White, so many new things happening. The company is growing and maturing rapidly. Lots of opportunities, new projects, new partners and much more. In the last six months so much has happened and more


In the second half of last year we moved into our new office in Brussels and have settled in well, this was necessary to accommodate a growing team in Brussels. Earlier this year, we moved our satellite office in Greece to new premises to be able to accommodate a growing team there too and to create a better and more welcoming work environment. In moving to our two new offices we have also taken the opportunity to upgrade our office infrastructure.


White has also gone through a complete rebranding from the old logo and design to a new logo, from the old website to a brand new website and from having our philosophy of excellence and reliability in order to be a trustworthy partner be an internal creed to vocalising it.

With the continued expansion beyond only research work and with the growing number of partners putting their trust in us, we realised that it was time for a change. We have defined our brand identity in line with our philosophy and values because our partners deserve not just excellent and reliable services, quality work and a trustworthy partner. They also deserve a partner that is presentable and that portrays an image of what they are – dedicated professionals.


Last year we expanded the team, this year we are expanding the team further. Through a rigorous recruitment process we are currently recruiting both seniors and juniors for our satellite office in Greece, we are looking to add a variety of different profiles in order to keep expanding our expertise and our ability to provide what our partners need. This growth in Greece is due to the excellent team we have there, under the very competent management of Associate Director, Ioannis Kostopoulos.

We are also launching our rigorous recruitment process in Brussels, where we will also be expanding the team to continue to provide quality work for our increasing number of partners.


On March 1, we appointed a new Managing Director in Brussels, Christian Hauschildt, who will be leading the Brussels office as well as overseeing both our Public Sector and Business Services departments. Christian joins the team of Directors in the company. The Directors team now consists of:

  • Kostas Bougiouklis, Managing Director (and founder), who oversees company finances and operations across the offices (Kostas is also a Partner at Q-Plan International)
  • Efthymios Altsitsiadis, Managing Director (and founder), who is the link with the wider research world and overall responsible for business development (Efthymios is also Assistant Professor of Behavioural Economics at Copenhagen Business School)
  • Ioannis Kostopoulos, Associate Director, in charge of White’s office in Greece and the Head of our Research department – the oldest and largest department in the company
  • Christian Hauschildt, Managing Director, in charge of White’s headquarters in Brussels as well as the Public Sector and Business Services departments (Christian is also Managing Director of Arcana Partners)