White is a Boutique Research and Consultancy Company, focusing on social and consumer behaviour, market analysis, EU policy and strategy, stakeholder engagement, communication, and innovation management.

Established as White Research in Brussels in 2012, White is a trusted partner to many organisations and teams across the public sector, businesses, academia, and civil society. White started as a research company, but it quickly emerged that the dedication and quality-focus, that we apply to our research, is also in high demand across different sectors. Therefore, we started expanding our expertise and adding new skills and talent to our team, to be able to cater to this need.

Today we are a diverse and multi-talented team of researchers and consultants with a large array of skills, knowledge, and expertise. We work together to drive innovation and thought leadership with the aim of carrying out quality research and providing first-class services for the advancement of society and helping our partners achieve their goals.

As a company, as a team and as individuals we believe that trust is the foundation for all good partnerships and that this trust is earned through excellence and reliability. We build excellence into our company and culture, starting from talent acquisition, hiring the best and then help them continue to deepen and broaden their expertise and skillsets. With our talent management framework, consisting of our vigorous recruitment approach, our competency framework, our learning and training scheme as well as our 360° feedback and evaluation system, we ensure that our team is honed for excellence.

However, to be trustworthy, excellence must be combined with reliability. We foster reliability in our team not only through the high reliability of the people we hire and collaborate with, but also through a series of corporate policies and procedures, our iso and GDPR policies, our quality policy as well as our partner feedback system.

With our excellence and reliability, we are a trustworthy partner as evidenced by the trust our many partners put in us repeatedly.

As a boutique research and consultancy company, we carry out research and provide public sector, business, and EU funding services.


We carry out funded research in partnership with a large variety of organisations. Our goal is to advance knowledge, design new concepts and develop solutions in areas of societal and economic interest. Our research focuses on social and consumer behaviour, market analysis and innovation management as well as supporting in the sharing of the results with the world through dissemination and communication.

Public Sector

We respond public sector needs, answering tenders, taking part in negotiated procedures and participating in various other types of public procurement. In this work we support the public sector developing policies and implementing them, through the execution of policy studies, impact assessments, evaluations as well as supporting in implementing and disseminating these policies.


We support businesses by providing a variety of policy, strategy and stakeholder engagement services. Our services in this area range from analysing policies and sharing insights to developing strategies supporting our partners in engaging specific stakeholder groups. We help our partners better understand, deal with and be part of the EU policy making environment.

EU Funding

We support our partners in understanding and accessing the research funding environment. Our services include representing partners at events and in Brussels in general, by monitoring developments, and networking for them in EU funding related matters as well as providing advice on how they can participate in and benefit from this funding.

White continuously strives to improve, it is at the very core of our culture. As a part of our drive to continuously improve and be consummate professionals, our values both as a company and as individuals include:

  • Demonstrating honesty and transparency
  • Fighting discrimination and providing equal opportunities
  • Respecting privacy, confidentiality and avoiding conflicts of interest
  • Abiding by all the relevant laws
  • Being good colleagues, ambassadors, and partners
  • Driving environmental, social, and economic sustainability

These values are engrained in our people and in the way we do things. Furthermore, they are supported by our company policies.

company policies

We are proud of our history, we have grown and matured a lot and continue to do so.


We have a team of skilled and dedicated professionals that provide quality services.


“We take our commitment to our partners very serious, this is reflected in our policies”


White values its people, offering opportunities to take on new challenges and to grow


We regularly look for skilled people to join our teams in our different offices and across our services. Even when we are not actively looking, we are always open to spontaneous applications from talented people.