Our commitment to you

The first pillar of White is ‘excellence’, but it is not enough in itself to be a trustworthy partner, it has to combined with ‘reliability’. Reliability is our second pillar. Beyond instilling the importance of reliability in the minds of our team members through our culture, we have all the necessary policies in place to ensure it. For us it is paramount that our integrity and accountability towards our partners is not compromised. Therefore, we have strict policies to guide and enforce this across a number of areas including for example information security, privacy and quality, to mention but a few.

As we are transitioning more intensely towards a service economy, information is becoming increasingly one of the most important business assets. Similar to other business assets, information needs to be secure and protected. This is why at White, we do not just focus on protecting personal data, but all data. To this end, we have in place an information Security Management System (ISMS) certified according to ISO 27001.

Our ISMS includes a fully-fledged protocol of policies and procedures in relation to information security.  This protocol allows our employees to identify, classify and process information according to a transparent and secure procedure that manages risks proactively. To retain our certification, our compliance with this protocol is often being put into scrutiny by external auditors. This attests to our commitment to use your data with outmost security and prevent any actions that may compromise them. In short, your information is safe with us.

Please see our ISO 270001 certificate here and our information security policy here

At White, we appreciate the trust you put in us when sharing your personal data and have in place a comprehensive privacy policy so you can know what we do to keep your data secure, confidential, and used exclusively for their intended purpose. Our company is fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and put special emphasis on Article 4 (consent) and we make sure that all of our employees treat data according to the regulation’s and our internal principles.

White stores only the very necessary information and retains it only for a period mutually agreed or otherwise set by the law. White, does by no means share your data to third parties, unless this becomes necessary by law or to provide you with a service that you requested. After the retention period, our company deletes, destroys or anonymises your personal data. However, for any inquiries before the retention period, such as requesting a copy of the information we hold for you or others, please do reach out to us. More information on this issue can be found on the subject data form.

Please see our Privacy policy here and the results of our third party assessment of our Privacy and Data Protection measures, here (these measures are still fully followed at this time).

At White, we believe in the need for quality. Regardless of whether you are a partner from the corporate world, the public sector, civil society or academia, you deserve to work with a partner that delivers quality work and that you can trust to do so again and again. White is committed to quality. We always work to optimise the quality of any work, designing our approach to take the time limits and resources into account adapting our approach so that quality can be ensured within those constraints. Quality is not an option, it is a must – This is why our philosophy is based on two pillars, namely EXCELLENCE and RELIABILITY.

EXCELLENCE starts with a rigorous hiring process, follows with a strong competency framework and an integrated learning and training scheme, a 360 degree feedback and evaluation system, our company improvement scheme and finally, our continuous quality review of all work we do.

RELIABILITY starts with our corporate policies, our ISO policies, our GDPR policy, our Code of Conduct and our partner feedback system as well as, of course, our quality policy. Quality is not only about EXCELLENCE, but also about consistency and being able to rely your partner to deliver on time. You can rely on us.

Please see our Quality policy here

At White, we believe in the power of people and organisations to transform the world, and we want to ensure that our business drives positive impacts to the environment, society and the economy. This is why we always try to steer our efforts towards contributing to these pillars.

When it comes to the environment, our company can boast a fully digital workplace, which minimises printing, unless necessary, recycles and has water and energy saving technologies and principles that are geared towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Just pay a visit to our office and see for yourself!

In addition to environmental concerns, at White we also consider our societal impact. Our code of conduct shows zero-tolerance to any type of discriminatory behaviour. In addition, in the various studies that we conduct for our public clients, we are well-reputed for deploying bottom-up and grass-roots approaches to ensure that people are at the centre of action and deliver relevant policy recommendations.

Finally, while we strive for innovation opportunities, we manage economic and innovation aspects in a bold but sustainable way. Our vision is strategic, rather than ephemeral. We want White to be a place where people have fair, sustainable employment and feel secure so they can develop their full potential.

Please see our Sustainability policy here

At White, we offer an environment in which everyone, no matter of their gender, ethnic or religious background can thrive, and we are proud to have a multi-cultural team. However, as cultural and behavioural norms often differ, we have in place a code of conduct ensuring that all of our members adhere to the core principles of our company and conduct themselves in an ethical and professional manner.

White is an equal opportunity, merit-based employer. However, beyond outstanding qualifications and achievements, we encourage all our employees to be honest and transparent in their exchanges with our team and clients and adhere to our confidentiality protocols. To this end, all our employees sign an NDA and receive a GDPR and ISMS training during their orientation week. Finally, we set clear guidelines on the management of intellectual property rights and issues of conflict of interest.

The above aspects make White a company of integrity and allow us to remain accountable towards our partners.

Please see our Code of Conduct here

White is fully compliant with Article 4 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the EU, in which our employees receive extensive training during their orientation to our company. In addition to GDPR, our company has an additional layer of data protection policies, such as the ISO 27001 to pro-actively minimise risks and ensure that your data is stored and processed in a transparent and law-abiding way.

Nonetheless, giving your data is not like agreeing to a mortgage. On the contrary, you have extensive rights stemming from GDPR when it comes to your data and you can at any point request from us, a copy of the information that we store about you as well request us to limit, stop processing or erase it from our system, under certain conditions. We want this process to be as simple as possible for you. Therefore, for any request around your personal data, please fill-in our data subject request form, send it to [email protected] and one of our employees will come back to you shortly to inform you about the progress of your request.

Please download our Data subject request form here