Having started as a company of two people, we are on a continuous journey of growth. White now boasts a multi- and interdisciplinary team of 32 providing research and business services. This success is due to the individuals that make up the team, talented people who all share a drive for excellence and reliability.

Our team is comprised of people with a variety of different backgrounds ranging from political sciences and economics to engineering and social sciences, to mention just few. This variety, both in backgrounds, experiences, skills and personalities is an essential component of our ability to take on wide selection of different tasks and always continue to innovate in in these tasks. Navigating complex issues and solving problems is something thar our team thrives on.

Team work

White consists of a number of individuals, but what makes our team great is that we work as a team. Our complementarities is why team work is so important for us. We believe that each individual can bring something to the team and it is in working together that we are able to take on new challenges and solve complex problem. Without team work, White would not be the respected and growing company it is today.

Thought leadership

Our team prides itself on its thought leadership. It is by seeing the trends of tomorrow and coming up with ways of preparing for them that we continue to serve our partners in the best possible way. We think a step ahead and push ourselves to make our ideas a reality. Our focus on thought leadership forces us to question the status quo and drives us to innovate on a daily basis. Standing still is moving backwards.


White values its people, offering opportunities to take on new challenges and to grow


We regularly look for skilled people to join our teams in our different offices and across our services. Even when we are not actively looking, we are always open to spontaneous applications from talented people.