Past to present

Our company has greatly evolved since its creation and we believe that the company’s history is important. However, for us it is not simply about celebrating what we have achieved, but rather where our history has taken us and how it has shaped our company and team.

It is about celebrating what we have achieved with our partners, celebrating the trust they have put in us and how we have lived up to that trust. It is about celebrating a bright future together. We also believes that it shows us that there is a bright future for our partners, our team and our company. We should always remember where we have come from and what has brought us this far: Excellence and reliability, being trustworthy and delivery quality. These things have brought us this far and if we continue to provide these things, then there is nothing that will stop us from continuing to grow our partnerships and work together with them to ensure mutual success.

Establishment of White Research
White Research was established, in Brussels, as a response to a need for a trusted research partners for EU research projects
First pan-European contracts
Less than a year after establishment the first results come with the pan-European Health-2-Market research project and the Study on Key Enabling Technologies for the European Commission’s Directorate General for Enterprise and Industry (since then changed to DG Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs - DG GROW)
Launch of the Business Services department
The success of the Research department showed the need for a trusted research partner, but it also led to the question of whether there was a demand from businesses for a trusted partner to provide excellent and reliable services. Therefore, the Business Services department was launched and the reason is still running strong today is that the need is there
Expansion of the Research department
As more opportunities arose for the Research department, there was a need to expand the department with new talent
Satellite office is opened in Greece
Supporting the expansion of the Research department, a satellite office was created in Thessaloniki, Greece to tap into unexploited expertise and potential, strengthening the department and enabling new partnerships
Development of the Public Sector Services department
In order to expand into the public sector policy market, a strategic partnership was set up with a joint venture between two multinationals with the goal of responding to calls for tenders for policy studies, impact assessments, evaluations and implementation work for the public sector
Development of the EU Funding Services department
With opportunities to guide partners in navigating the Brussels environment and in accessing EU funding, the EU Funding Services department was developed and the first international contract with a partner organisation outside the EU was won
White Research continues to mature
A new office was established in Brussels as the both the Brussels-based and Greece-based teams grew further. As a part of our commitment to be a trustworthy partner, we focused further on demonstrating our reliability, which is why we went through our first ISO 27001 certification and 3rd party GDPR compliance assessment, demonstrating how seriously we take our commitment to our partners both in ensuring the security of their data as well as the respect of people’s privacy.
White Research rebrands to White
As White Research’s other services continue to grow, White Research rebrands to White. White is expanding the team further across offices and a new Managing Director is appointed for Brussels.