White organises blockchain workshop for the EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum together with NGOs INATBA and IOTA foundation

On Thursday 16 December 2021, the EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum will hold a virtual workshop titled ‘Blockchain for Social impact’ with the support of the consultancy White and the Blockchain NGOs INATBA and IOTA. During the workshop more than a dozen presenters and panelists will showcase how one can use this new technology to further good and sustainable causes. The event that starts at 14:30, is open to the general public after registration.

Blockchain technology, that creates growing lists of records or blocks that are linked together using cryptography, has been around for more than a decade. Because blocks are resistant to modification once recorded, and are thus very secure, Blockchains can be used in many different fields such as cryptocurrencies, financial services, supply chains or even computer games.

Blockchain for Social Impact

But how can we use this technology to advance in areas such as sustainability and fighting climate change? This is the topic that will be discussed during the EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum workshop. Mariana de la Roche, the lead project manager at the IOTA Foundation will deliver the keynote address. Her statements will be followed by two panels with representatives from organizations such as DigitalMRV, iPoint and Climatetrade/Climatecoin.

“We are only at the beginning of exploiting the true potential of Blockchain. The organizations that are taking part in this workshop as well as the Blockchain Observatory and Forum are pushing the envelope to see how we can use this technology for the good of our society. We are honoured to be a part of it.” Christian Hauschildt, Managing Director, White.