Funding source
European Research Executive Agency

February 2023 to January 2026

Project URL
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Project information
Thematic keywords

  • AI
  • European Filmmaking Industry
  • European Cultural Heritage

Methodological keywords

  • Semantic Cognitive AI Technologies
  • Business modeling and planning
  • Tangible European Cultural assets
  • Technologies covering from pre – production phase to distribution

Project narrative

The film industry is a key sector of the European economy, offering great potential for income and employment. Nonetheless, the industry faces significant challenges, including financing new projects and the lack of an integrated strategy throughout the different stages of film production.

SCENE’s main priorities are the use of cognitive AI technologies and the European Cultural Heritage. The project will implement an integrated strategy that includes pre-production to post-production aspects of filmmaking. The project will utilize AI tools for preference and audience building, audio and lighting simulation tools, blockchain, and IPR protection-related tools. Moreover, the European Cultural Heritage, as a linking element between society and economy, will play a significant role in the project’s success, capitalizing on assets such as 3D digital reconstruction and simulation of the monuments. By combining AI technologies and the European Cultural Heritage, SCENE aims to support and accelerate the film-making industry, contributing to significant social development.

Our role involves taking charge of project communication and sharing information, ensuring the results can be replicated even after the project ends. We raise awareness at various stages of the project to achieve this. Additionally, we handle the creation and safeguarding of all emerging intellectual property rights (IPR) assets.