March 2024 marked the official launch of an exciting new Horizon Europe research project called Regional Inclusive Biobased Entrepreneurship Solutions, or simply the RIBES project. 

With its kick-off meeting taking place in the beautiful Trieste, RIBES project unites twenty (20) partners from all around Europe to promote the use of bio-based innovations by developing new governance and business models that combine the circular bioeconomy, social innovation, and rural development across nine (9) European regions, placing a strong emphasis on sustainability and inclusivity. 

The overall objective of RIBES is to empower social entrepreneurs in rural communities to co-create inclusive and sustainable bio-based business models that use simple digital solutions to connect and inform stakeholders while also facilitating value chain development and market access for bio-based products and services. 

Coordinated by the Central European Initiative – CEI, the project boasts a diverse and robust consortium specialised in bioeconomy, sustainable economy, governance, rural development, business management and research.

White Research is responsible for disseminating and communicating the RIBES project messages and results.

Stay tuned by following RIBES’ social media profiles on LinkedIn, X, and Facebook.