White is at the forefront of innovation, actively contributing to a variety of groundbreaking projects. Our efforts span multiple fields, from sustainable food practices to healthcare and bio-based solutions, reflecting our commitment to driving progress and fostering collaboration. Here are some highlights from our recent projects: 

ROSETTA’s 1st semester meeting in Ashtown,Dublin 

The first semester meeting of the ROSETTA project took place at Teagasc in Dublin, where partners gathered to discuss sustainable food practices. White leads the communication and dissemination activities, having established a very strong online presence in only 6 months. Additionally, White is responsible for a survey on private food marketing standards, facilitating workshops with UNIVIE to analyse their impact on food waste. The meeting concluded with a tour of the impressive Teagasc facilities, offering partners a firsthand look into innovative research in action! 


MOBI-TWIN’s 3rd plenary meeting in Thessaloniki 

As the coordinator of the MOBI-TWIN project, White Research ensures the project runs smoothly and on time. At the end of the first year, we hosted a milestone meeting in Thessaloniki. We designed and conducted a comprehensive survey, collecting 11,622 complete responses to assess citizens’  spatial mobility decisions. This effort combined survey design with stakeholder engagement, providing valuable insights into mobility behavior related to life events, forms of mobility and regional attractiveness.

HS4U 3rd General Assembly in Caparica, Portugal 

The third General Assembly of the HS4U project concluded successfully, focusing on developing innovative technologies to prevent disease outbreaks on large passenger cruise ships. This Research and Innovation Action is now in a crucial phase, deploying pilot activities and creating a robot cabin as the final outcome. White has played a key role in communication and dissemination efforts, meeting key performance indicators and maintaining a strong online presence. Our work has been greatly appreciated by partners, contributing positively to publications and participation in external events. 

COMFORTage’s 1st General Assembly in Valladolid 

The first General Assembly of the COMFORTage project was hosted in Valladolid, marking six months of progress in personalised dementia and frailty prevention. White leads the co-creation and participatory component of the project, interacting in person with technical partners and our 13 Pilots. This engagement has been fruitful for both implementation and building solid partner relationships, ensuring that the holistic healthcare models we develop are user-centered and co-created with key stakeholders. 

INCISIVE’s final review meeting 

The final review of the INCISIVE project was successfully completed, receiving positive feedback for our thorough presentations and high-quality deliverables. The strong foundation and impactful contributions from our team were highlighted, showcasing White’s commitment to excellence an

d innovation. 

MainstreamBIO’s 4th project meeting in Vilborg, Denmark 

The fourth project meeting of MainstreamBIO concluded successfully in Viborg, Denmark. White has played a crucial role in the project, completing the analysis of stakeholders’ needs in seven rural regions and cataloguing technologies, business models, and social innovations for small-scale bio-based solutions. We also developed a methodology for matching local biomass and waste streams with market and technology information. Moving forward, White will coordinate regional scale-up workshops in Autumn 2024 and continue to act as Dissemination Manager, ensuring effective communication and outreach.


Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to push the boundaries of innovation!