On June 26, 2024, White Research was present at the European Biomass Conference & Exhibition (EUBCE) 2024. Our involvement through the BIOBASEDCERT cluster – as Dissemination and Communication Managers in the SUSTCERT4BIOBASED, and the ALFA Project highlighted our commitment to advancing the bio-based sector, particularly in biogas and consulting. 

BIOBASEDCERT Cluster: Monitoring Sustainability Certification 

At EUBCE 2024, the BIOBASEDCERT cluster, comprising SUSTCERT4BIOBASED, STAR4BBS, and HARMONITOR, hosted an event titled “Monitoring Sustainability Certification Schemes and Labels for Bio-based Products.” The event drew 55 participants and focused on improving sustainability practices for bio-based products. We presented the initial findings from the BIOBASEDCERT Monitoring System (BMS), which assesses the effectiveness of sustainability certification schemes and labels (CSLs). The BMS evaluates CSLs across three dimensions: system structure, content relevance, and real-world impact. 

The event featured a roundtable discussion with panelists such as Audrun Utskarpen (Nordic Swan Ecolabel), Rodrigo Rupérez (UN Trade and Development), Oliver Hurtig (European Commission), Jean-Marc Jossart (Bioenergy Europe), Mirjam Röder (Aston University), and Laura Väyrynen (ECOS). Moderated by Iris Vural Gürsel, the discussion explored the integration of CSLs into regulatory frameworks and the development of effective monitoring mechanisms. 

ALFA Project: Social Acceptance of Biogas in Farming 

White Research, building on its work in the ALFA project, authored two conference papers focusing on biogas acceptance and factors influencing attitudes regarding biogas in livestock farming. These papers, by Pol Camps-Aragó, Sofia Michopoulou, Angelos Stamos, Giulia Zendron, and Evangelia Tiaka, will be published in the EUBCE’s conference open-access proceedings. At EUBCE 2024, White Research contributed through poster and oral presentations. The June 24th poster session explored factors influencing biogas acceptance, emphasizing moral values and trust in farmers, and offering insights for awareness-raising campaigns. The presentation in a panel session, on June 26th, also discussed adoption challenges, highlighting technical, financial, and legal barriers to the adoption of biogas in livestock farming and citizen misconceptions about its impacts.  

White Research’s Broader Impact 

Beyond individual presentations, our participation at EUBCE 2024 facilitated the establishment of key connections with researchers from academic institutions, international policy and industrial organizations and other stakeholders in the biogas farming industry. These interactions have expanded our collaborative network and potential for future partnerships.  


EUBCE 2024 was a great opportunity for White Research to demonstrate our expertise and contributions to the bio-based sector. Through the BIOBASEDCERT cluster and ALFA Project, we showcased our research, shared insights, and built strategic relationships. As we continue to advance our projects, White Research remains dedicated to driving progress and creating partnerships that will shape the future of bio-based industries.