White Research and the W4RES team continue their activities in support of a gender-just energy transition for the European Renewable Heating and Cooling sector with the organization of its W4RES Hackathon. 

In a sector still predominantly fossil fueled and male dominated, the W4RES believes in women as agents of change who can be directly instrumental to the adoption of more renewable solutions in the Heating and Cooling market. 

The scope of the project activities extends across 8 European countries (Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Italy, Norway and Slovakia) and focuses on the delivery and refinement of a set of replicable support measures. White Research had the chance to support innovating women-led initiatives with its competences in market research and analysis, business modelling and its knowledge of EU funding mechanisms and methodologies. 

However, W4RES does not stop there. White Research coordinated a preliminary analysis of the RHC sector and together with its 11 partners is offering training for capacity building, delivering awareness raising campaigns. Finally, as in the case of the W4RES Hackathon, the project stimulates the dialogue between stakeholders in the sector tapping into the potential offered by co-creation type events.  

Coming up the next 21st of September, the Hackathon will feature an interactive virtual session where experts operating in the Belgian sector will discuss action plans with the objective to promote the adoption of RHC solutions and support the engagement of women in the industry.  

As regional hub manager for Belgium White Research extends its invitation to all the actors operating in the RHC sector in the region and is looking forward to the stimulating discussion. 

More info: https://w4res.eu/events/w4res-online-hackathon-belgium-2/ 

Registration link: https://forms.gle/2oJM3drkSD1qxhXa7