RE4Industry enters its final year with some notable highlights in supporting the EII transition to renewable energy. White Research, as a work package leader, established a collaborative network involving a diverse mix of experts. The collaborative network has been providing knowledge for decarbonising the Energy Intensive Industry (EII) sector. The collaborative network consists of 4 national clusters, 4 EU level expert groups and 5 committees. 

White Research followed a multi-actor approach to populate the collaborative network. So far, the network’s panels include 85 stakeholders from various backgrounds including academia, industry and society to name a few. The interactions with the experts provide a framework for dialogue, breaking the silo thinking and developing a holistic approach. 

The project also analysed the current state of various EII sectors at the EU and national levels. Detailed reports summarising the status of EII will be published soon. The RE4Industry mapping tool is already in operation. The mapping tool tracks success stories of EIIs based on verified emissions data per facility, moreover EII success stories are highlighted as examples of best practices for decarbonising the sector.  

RE4Industry has assessed the requirements, barriers and potentials for its three case studies, aiming to develop replicable action plans. RE4Industry is also compiling a list of available renewable energy technologies (RE), categorising the RE technologies into short- and long- term integration frameworks for the EIIs. Knowledge transfer and advocacy activities in various countries across Europe are planned in the following months, helping the establishment of a common vision for the decarbonisation of the EIIs. 

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* RE4Industry has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 952936.