a new EU-funded project kicked-off !

On January the 9th, 2023, all consortium partners gathered in Pisa (Italy) for the first official meeting of the project. At the core of the project activities lies the call for greater cooperation between actors of the microelectronics value chain in the European Union (EU) and the need to increase the EU’s competitiveness in such a complex and strategic sector. The chip value chain, with its various interdependent steps involving large European and International companies, needs a resilient ecosystem to mitigate the impact of potential global supply chain disruptions.

With this in mind, strives to bring together stakeholders in the industry, including academia, research and technology organisations, as well as users, and ultimately to reinforce Europe’s role in the global microelectronic sector. The project will build on the European Commission’s Chips Act, supporting its efforts to double EU’s share in the global market to 20% by 2030. As one of the five consortium partners, White Research will contribute with its expertise to the achievement of these objectives, together with IDC, Trust-IT Srl, COMMpla and OFE. White will play a lead role in generating a set of models to facilitate partnerships between market actors and relevant public and private stakeholders involved in the semiconductor value chain.

Within the scope of, White will engage with initiatives at European and national level to create opportunities for cooperation while increasing the coherence between regional and national innovation and investment initiatives. To do that, White will map stakeholders, investment opportunities, as well as a wide range of relevant industry events to promote appropriate collaboration modes. As a result the project sets out to establish of partnership agreements and promote knowledge exchanges, joint research activities, policy discussions, and investment synergies. White will also oversee the organisation of the annual events and webinars in collaboration with the partners.

                                 Consortium members of the project.

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