White Research is excited to share highlights from a significant event that took place at the University of Twente’s DesignLab in the Netherlands on November 1st. The “Joint Final Conference” celebrated the successful completion of the INCENTIVE project and the TIME4CS project‘s joint effort to integrate Citizen Science into European Research Institutions. Both projects are committed to making science more accessible and inclusive, benefiting not only the scientific community but society as a whole.

The INCENTIVE project focuses on establishing sustainable hubs for citizen science in research organizations, while TIME4CS promotes institutional changes for citizen science and public engagement in science and technology. Together, both projects worked to address critical questions, such as ensuring scientific discoveries are relevant and accessible to the broader community, supporting long-term institutional changes within Research Performing Organizations (RPOs), and aligning citizen science with the local needs and mission of RPOs


The event was comprehensive, featuring keynote speakers, interactive sessions, and a closing panel discussion with advisory board members. A professional cartoonist was also present to capture the highlights, complementing both projects’ celebratory atmosphere and achievements.

As the manager responsible for getting the project’s message out, White Research played a vital role in the event. It created and executed a communications plan to share information about the project and identified the needs of the four different types of stakeholders involved in Citizen Science Hubs.

In conclusion, the Joint Conference demonstrated the incredible achievements of the INCENTIVE and TIME4CS projects. Together, we have taken a significant step forward towards a future where science is inclusive, sustainable, and beneficial for all. Let’s continue this journey, united in our commitment to bridging the gap between science and society and paving the way for a brighter, more engaged scientific community. Cheers to the success of this remarkable endeavor!