In a significant achievement for the SKILLBILL project, the successful completion of the initial round of Working Group sessions marks a key milestone in the pursuit of innovation and collaboration. Expertly coordinated by Q-plan International, the coming together of industry leaders, experts, and innovators provided a vibrant platform to collectively tackle critical challenges in renewable energy.

Guided by designated Lighthouse Experts, each dedicated working group facilitated thought-stimulating discussions, laying the groundwork for the identification of sustainable solutions and inventive approaches. Dirk Hendricks facilitated discussions on renewable electricity, while Daniele Groppi guided talks on sustainable heating systems. Esa Toukoniitty explored the realm of sustainable fuels, and Johan Widerberg delved into sustainable mobility.

A sincere thank you extends to all participants who played a pivotal role in advancing the renewable energy landscape. The collaborative endeavors of industry leaders have resulted in tangible solutions and recommendations. Through careful deliberation and voting, the Working Groups prioritized a total of 5 primary and 17 secondary recommendations, paving the way for future initiatives. The insights garnered from these Working Groups, will shape future explorations and serve as a robust foundation for continuous innovation in the renewable energy sector.

Stay tuned for more updates as we navigate this exciting journey toward a sustainable future through skilling, upskilling and reskilling. To actively participate or learn more about the SKILLBILL project, visit our website and engage in conversations on social media channels.