In the global pursuit of a greener and more sustainable future, bioenergy communities have emerged as a powerful force driving the transition towards renewable energy sources. These dynamic communities harness the power of biomass resources to generate clean and reliable energy, while simultaneously fostering local development and resilience. By leveraging the collective strength and commitment of individuals and organisations, bioenergy communities offer a compelling solution to the pressing challenges of climate change and energy security.

The EU-funded BECoop project, coordinated by White Research, has emerged as a pivotal initiative aiming at accelerating the uptake of bioenergy in the heating and cooling sector. While the deployment of renewable energy (RE) has made significant advances in recent years, the heating and cooling sector has lagged behind, creating an uneven penetration of RE across different energy sectors. Recognizing this gap, the BECoop project focuses on community bioenergy schemes as catalysts for market uptake of bioenergy heating technologies. By leveraging the potential of decentralised energy production and fostering partnerships within the bioenergy community, BECoop strives to unlock the market potential of community bioenergy projects.

The project aims to provide essential conditions, technical expertise, and business support tools to make these projects more appealing to interested actors and contribute to increasing renewable heat in line with the EU’s targets for the next decade. Recognising the unique characteristics and challenges faced by each bioenergy initiative, the BECoop Replication Handbook serves as a valuable resource, specifically focusing on the promotion and expansion of community heating projects based on biomass resources throughout Europe. Aiming to continue the remarkable work already put in place on community energy by other organisations, this handbook stands out as one of the few comprehensive resources specifically focusing on bioenergy initiatives at European level.

The BECoop Replication Handbook goes beyond theory, providing recommendations, best case examples, and easily accessible solutions. Throughout the guidebook, readers will find references to the wide array of tools and services generated by the BECoop project, further enhancing their knowledge and understanding.

By distilling the knowledge and experience gained through the BECoop project, this comprehensive guide equips project initiators with the necessary tools and insights to navigate around the complex landscape of bioenergy community initiatives. With its stepwise approach, flexible structure, and practical recommendations, the handbook empowers stakeholders to build a sustainable and equitable local heating system for their community and to take concrete steps towards its implementation.

Download your copy of the BECoop Replication Handbook here.