We are extremely proud to share that both MainstreamBIO and ROBIN Horizon Europe projects have officially joined the Rural Bioeconomy Alliance (RBA). The RBA is a newly launched cluster of European-funded projects aimed at promoting the development of circular rural bioeconomy initiatives in the EU.

The RBA has a sole focus on encouraging sustainable circular economy projects in rural areas, with a goal to speed up growth by sharing knowledge on project outcomes and supporting dissemination and communication activities related to existing bioeconomy knowledge.

The RBA englobes several European-funded projects, including BioRural, MainstreamBIO, P2Green, RELIEF, RuralBioUp, SCALE-UP, COOPID, BioModel4Regions, ShapingBio, CEE2ACT, and ROBIN. These projects are focused on developing and analysing success stories, best practices, pilots and ways to increase the adoption of circular bioeconomy concepts in rural areas.

The cluster opens doors for its members to share insights and knowledge on innovative technology developments, as well as information exchange on success stories and pilots, and supports the organisation of workshops and seminars. The Rural Bioeconomy Alliance also encourages joint presentations at high-level events and conferences, helping members to have access to wider and more relevant audiences.

By working together, members of the RBA can accelerate the development of circular rural bioeconomy initiatives across the EU, contributing to a sustainable future for all. The Rural Bioeconomy Alliance provides an excellent opportunity for stakeholders across Europe to make profitable and sustainable strides into the future with bioeconomy.

More information on the Rural Bioeconomy Alliance will follow soon !