The “Future of Migration to Europe” conference, organised by three Horizon 2020 projects namely, HumMingBird, FUME, and QuantMig, was a real success. During the 2-day event, attendees engaged in meaningful discussions on research outcomes, as well as round table discussions with experts from various fields. The event was attended by a diverse audience of policymakers, academics, and researchers, totaling 239 individuals.

The conference aimed to shed light on the challenges and opportunities associated with migration to Europe, with attendees sharing their perspectives and insights on the topic. This event provided an excellent opportunity for networking and collaboration, with insights shared expected to contribute to a more inclusive and sustainable future for all.

The Horizon 2020 projects, responsible for organising the conference, have been leading research efforts aimed at understanding migration patterns to Europe. HumMingBird focuses on analysing patterns, motivations, and new geographies to improve understanding of changing migration flows, and testing new methods to forecast emerging trends. FUME studies factors that attract or push migrants to move, as well as possible future challenges that may shape migration patterns in Europe. QuantMig aims to develop sophisticated tools that acknowledge the complexity and uncertainty of migration processes, with the aim to deliver bespoke solutions for managing migration.

Overall, the “Future of Migration to Europe” conference provided a valuable platform for experts to share insights and perspectives on a complex and pressing issue.

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