Funding source
European Commission – FP7

September 2012 to August 2015

Project information
Thematic keywords

  • EU-funded research in Health/Life Sciences
  • European researchers in Health/Life Science
  • Entrepreneurial skills development
  • Innovation strategy
  • Asset/IPR Management
  • Business modelling / planning

Methodological keywords

  • Surveys and advanced analytics
  • Training needs analysis
  • Entrepreneurial curricula development
  • Massive Open Online Courses, MOOCs
  • Training seminars
  • Weekly bootcamps
  • Advanced commercialisation services

Project narrative

The EU-funded research ecosystem in Health/Life Sciences has consistently been reported as a leading producer of major scientific results. However, the vast majority of promising EU-funded research assets are still facing difficulties reaching the market. This has been attributed to several factors amongst which was the lack of appropriate business and entrepreneurial skills and mindset among the key asset owners of EU-funded research, i.e. the Health / Life Sciences researchers across Europe.

In Health-2-Market we aimed at focusing on prominent European Health researchers and assisting them to develop their entrepreneurial skills and mindset while concretely supporting their market exploitation endeavours. To this effect, a group of outstanding European Business Schools, consultants and European Health researchers was assembled to analyse the latter’s business training needs and co-design a number of high quality on-line and off-line curricula and methods (e.g. in the form of seminars, on-line MOOCs, weekly bootcamps, etc.) across a variety of relevant areas and topics (e.g. entrepreneurial skills development, asset/IPR management, business modelling/planning, etc.).

We were responsible for designing and analysing the main needs analysis survey that gathered input of over six hundred European Health researchers supported by EU-funded research programmes. We moreover provided hands-on business support services to several of them to help them realise their commercialisation plans in Europe and beyond.

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