Funding source
European Commission – DG ENTER

December 2013 to February 2015

Project information
Thematic keywords

  • Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) Inventory across Europe
  • Micro-/nanoelectronics,
  • Nanotechnology
  • Photonics
  • Advanced materials
  • Industrial biotechnology
  • Advanced manufacturing technologies
  • SME access to KETs infrastructures

Methodological keywords

  • On-line survey
  • Data analysis
  • Case studies
  • Workshops
  • Study visits
  • Policy recommendations and Action Planning

Project narrative

European SMEs involved in the development of novel technological products and services struggle to identify and access specialised infrastructure such as pilot lines and high-tech Key Enabling Technologies (KET) equipment, concentrated in European Technology Centres of Excellence. Setting up collaborations and agreements to access these infrastructures has proven difficult, limiting the opportunity to pilot and manufacture new products and services in the fields of micro- and nanoelectronics, nanotechnology, photonics, advanced materials and advanced manufacturing technologies.

This study aimed at analysing and mapping European KETs Technology Infrastructures dispersed across Europe and provide to the European Commission recommendations and an action plan on how to promote the access of European SMEs to KETs Technology Infrastructure located in European Centres of Excellence.

We supported the study team to perform the KETs Technology Infrastructure mapping across Europe per key KET area, while we undertook the design and analysis of a large scale survey capturing the views of over six hundred managers of KETs Technology Infrastructure facilities across Europe, assessing their needs and preferences for cooperation both amongst themselves and with European SMEs. We also successfully mapped the main infrastructure and services that were already offered to the private sector and exchanged on the best possible collaboration models that could be developed with European SMEs.

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