The first prototype federates 3 out of the 9 INCISIVE data providers and collects 2.5 million clinical images of breast, lung, prostate, and colorectal cancer from more than 7,000 de-identified patients. It already includes some of the functionalities of the AI Toolbox, which aims to provide decision-making support to medical professionals for cancer diagnosis and treatment in an intuitive way.   

The repository also supports data providers in data preparation, de-dentification, annotation and quality checking, and AI researchers looking for training or validation data for their models. 

In addition, the repository allows the secure and GDPR-compliant sharing of health data with the scientific community. 

 “One of the biggest challenges that we successfully addressed was putting in place all the necessary agreements and technical work for ensuring that the massive retrospective data sharing complies with legal and ethical requirements in all 5 European countries and for all 9 data providers where data nodes are planned”, explains Gianna Tsakou, project’s coordinator and Senior Project Manager at MAGGIOLI SpA. 

Next steps. The INCISIVE consortium has started working on the second prototype, which will integrate the remaining 6 data providers into the federated storage and will be available early next year. 

White Research is the Innovation Manager of the project, being responsible for elaborating and validating the business model and business plan for INCISIVE’s solutions, in addition to defining the strategy for the project’s Innovation and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Management. 

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* INCISIVE has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 952179.