In the framework of the RRI2SCALE Project, where White Research leads the dissemination and communication component, a new openaccess paper was published in the journal Technological Forecasting and Social Change

“Emerging smartcity, transport and energy trends in urban settings: Results of a pan-European foresight exercise with 120 experts”.


The paper is co-authored by Margarita Angelidou, Christos Politis, Anastasia Panori, Thomas Bakratsas, and Katharina Fellnhofer.

The paper is based on deliverable 2.1 of the project, available here 🔗

🔭 Forecasting future trends constitutes a key process for supporting urban and territorial policymaking in general. The paper explores how the domains of smart cities, smart transport, and smart energy will evolve until 2030 from a scientific and technological perspective, as a means to inform future policies for urbandevelopment in Europe.

📊 An extensive review of recent and relevant research, covering policy and market reports, scientific journal articles, and other scientific publications was initially performed by the project’s team. Then, a two-round Delphi survey with 120 field experts was conducted to assess the plausibility of the literature review findings to materialize until 2030.

📑 This work provides significant added value in supporting territorial policymakers’ and stakeholders’ decision-making under uncertainty, as well as in designing highly relevant research agendas, attuned to contemporary and emerging trends.