Title: “Enhanced migration measures from a multidimensional perspective”

Programme: Horizon 2020

Duration: December 2019 – November 2023 (48 months)

Description: HumMingBird aims to improve understandings of changing nature of migration flows and the drivers of migration, to analyse patterns and motivations and new geographies and to calculate population estimates and determine emerging trends and future trends and accordingly identify possible future implications of today’s policy decisions.

Moreover, the project aims to develop migration scenarios in a more forward-looking manner that takes into account both quantitative and qualitative perspectives of different migration actors impact people’s decisions to migrate and trends from that will have an impact on our societies. Global scenarios will base on not only a realistic understanding of the drivers and dynamics of migration, but also on the effects and effectiveness of past migration policies. Project’s ambitions are to identify the uncertainties and reappraise, to explore the reasons why migration predictions may not hold and to demonstrate non-traditional data sources for migration research.

Consortium members: