UNESDA has brought the soft drinks industry together for over sixty years to defend the interests of European consumers and producers of non-alcoholic beverages in Brussels. Reflecting upon the societal need for smarter consumption, it plays a pivotal role in bringing businesses, civil society, and EU decision-makers together to create a healthier food environment and make packaging more sustainable.

Through strong cross-sector partnerships, UNESDA aims to address these imperatives while protecting the millions of jobs generated by the production and distribution of soft drinks across Europe and serving consumers the drinks they love. It is therefore crucial for UNESDA to build a constructive dialogue with a multitude of stakeholders to promote a shared understanding of the way forward. To this end, we leverage our policy and stakeholder engagement expertise to support UNESDA’s stakeholder engagement efforts, notably by providing strategic social media advice.


Recycling, circular economy, farm to fork

Consumer goods

Soft drinks and energy drinks


Socio-economic footprint, jobs, competitiveness


Positioning and stakeholder engagement strategy


Communications, social media and digital content


Blogs and positions papers, narrative

Supporting ambition

UNESDA has a talented and highly motivated team, who want to do more than just business as usual. They want to change things and are open to exploring new ideas and possibilities. This goes both in their overall strategy and in day to day activities. It is a pleasure to work with such people. We enjoy providing advisory services to them, whether this is strategic advice or advice on communication activities.

UNESDA, under its new leader, Nicholas Hodac (Director General), want to shake up things and take a fresh approach, whilst maintaining and improving its long-standing reputation. From discussing the dynamics of EU policy-making to defining an overall, short-, medium- and long-term strategy and the positioning, we are proud to be able to provide our input and advice on how UNESDA can best achieve its ambitions.

In addition to that, we also get to provide input on and support the daily communications activities. This includes for example how to create stronger positioning through social media and how to best leverage the different channels available as well as key events to engage at. We also provide guidance on digital visual materials. We develop briefs on a variety of issues and provide content, structure and style review of blogs and position papers. Working closely with UNESDA’s team in Brussels on a weekly basis is a real pleasure as they are open and treat us as an extension to the team, as a valued partner – just as they are to us.


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