The maker movement is at a crucial crossroad: it holds promise for urban regeneration, sustainability, social welfare and cohesion but this promise is not a given. The connections with urban planning and design, circular economy and social inclusion are still frail.

This signals that the promise might be jeopardized if the movement is cut-off from city governance, fails to embrace circular principles or does not lower the barriers to inclusion. Spearheaded by an extensive real-life demonstration and pilot program running in parallel in 7 large cities, we work hand in hand with the municipal authorities and top research partners to make sure that the maker movement remains aligned with circular economy and that everyone can have access to resources in order to become a maker.


Circular economy and sustainability


Civic engagement, collaborative production and fabrication


Blockchain, cryptography, industry 4.0 and factories of the future

Market research

Market research, mapping, analysis and user requirements


Behavioural insights, ecosystems and capacity building


Communications, dissemination and exploitation

The maker movement

Pop-Machina is a Horizon 2020 project that seeks to highlight and reinforce the links between the maker movement and circular economy in order to promote environmental sustainability and generate socio-economic benefits in European cities.

Pop-Machina aims to

  • Demonstrate the power and potential of the maker movement and collaborative production for the EU circular economy
  • Support the implementation of the EU Circular Economy Action Plan
  • Contribute to the growth of maker ecosystems and the production of circular innovations in European cities
  • Mobilise citizens under the banner of circular economy and collaborative production
  • Empower communities to innovate and make their cities more resilient and adaptive to socio-economic and environmental challenges

We coordinate the market intelligence efforts, collecting the missing pieces to understand what makes ordinary people become makers. We are also responsible for the design of the communication strategy and lead the project’s communication activities.

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