Funding source
European Commission – Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EASME)

October 2020 to September 2024

Project information
Thematic keywords

  • Energy efficient industry
  • Industrial Symbiosis
  • IS facilitator
  • CO2 utilisation
  • Waste heat recovery
  • Circular economy
  • Wastewater

Methodological keywords

  • Dissemination and communication

Project narrative

Industrial Symbiosis (IS) is becoming increasingly a necessity due to its high potential for energy and resources savings. Τhere are initiatives concerning the concept of IS at European level, but there is still great potential to exploit in order to facilitate a larger market uptake among EU industrial areas. The main objective of CORALIS is to create pathways for the decarbonisation of resource and energy intensive sector value chains through the implementation of viable industrial symbiosis approaches combining new business and management strategies with innovative technology-based enablers. CORALIS has been designed as a demonstration project for the generation of real experiences on the deployment of IS solutions in 3 industrial parks (Escombreras – Spain, Höganäs – Sweden, Brescia – Italy) and later in 3 additional industrial parks (Basauri – Spain, Linz – Austria, Izmit -Turkey).

We are responsible for the design of the communication strategy and to lead the project’s communication activities.

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