Funding source
European Commission – Horizon 2020 (REA)

February 2021 to January 2024

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Project information
Thematic keywords

  • New participatory democracy models
  • Citizen science
  • Public engagement
  • Participatory/Participation
  • Political systems and institutions
  • Governance

Methodological keywords

  • Exploitation and sustainability planning
  • Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI)
  • Community empowerment

Project narrative

Europe’s Research Performing and Funding Organisations (RPFOs) have a crucial role to play as agents of institutional change towards firmly grounding RRI in our society. The successful fulfilment of this challenging yet highly significant role calls for the values of RRI to be well-embedded into their governance as well as their operation with greater and more systematic participation of citizens and all R&I stakeholders. INCENTIVE is set on empowering European Research Performing and Funding Organisations (RPFOs) to establish sustainable transdisciplinary hubs for stimulating and supporting excellent citizen science with engaged roles for all R&I stakeholders in line with RRI principles. INCENTIVE will demonstrate the potential of such Citizen Science Hubs in 4 world class RPFOs, tailoring the governance and operating models of their hubs to their unique institutional specificities and regional ecosystems of R&I stakeholders.

WR is responsible for the analysis of the requirements and motivations of quadruple helix stakeholders for engagement in Citizen Science Hubs. Moreover, we are also responsible for the design and implementation of the dissemination and communication activities and the setup of an Advisory Board, acting as the Dissemination and Communication Manager of the project.

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