Funding source
European Commission – DG MOVE

September 2021 to September 2023

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Project information
Thematic keywords

  • Sustainability 
  • Environmental effects 
  • Ports & hinterland connections 
  • Policy & legislation

Methodological keywords

  • Legal analysis 
  • Surveys & interviews 
  • Quantitative & qualitative data analysis 
  • Good practice case studies 
  • Stakeholder engagement 

Project narrative

Ports are quintessential for the economy, economic growth and society as a whole. However, as a result, there are many goods going through ports and this means a lot of heavy operations, which can be harmful to the environment in different ways.
This project consists of conducting a study on the adverse environmental effects pertaining to ports, the legislation and policies addressing them and which are not addressed and the impediments for ports in pursuing green objectives. It also identifies and presents good practices from authorities in terms of policies and incentives aiding in attaining green objectives by ports as well as good practices from ports in pursuing economic development paired with green objectives. 

We are responsible for collecting data for the legal analysis and part of this analysis. Furthermore, we are driving the identification and write-up of best practices for greening of ports. This work is done through a combination of desk research, interviews, surveys and focus groups with stakeholders, to gather information (and validate it).

We will then analyse it an compile reports as well as develop materials for dissemination to port stakeholders across the EU, to help them adopt the good practices and make ports greener. Finally, based on the findings of our legal analysis and our engagement with stakeholders, we will provide the Commission with recommendations.