Funding source

June 2023 – May 2026

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Project information
Thematic keywords

  • Spatial mobility
  • Regional attractiveness; 
  • Twin Transition; 
  • Social & Regional policies

Methodological keywords

  • Stakeholder choices, needs and preferences analysis
  • Agent-based modelling & Microsimulation 
  • Big Data analysis
  • Responsible Research and Innovation
  • Replication guidelines and policy recommendations

The driving force behind MOBI-TWIN lies in the recognition that the twin transition presents both opportunities and challenges for regions across Europe. As certain areas become more alluring due to the emerging prospects brought forth by the green and digital revolution, others risk being left behind. By utilising advanced information and computer modeling techniques, MOBI-TWIN seeks to comprehensively understand the impact of these changes on different regions within five European countries (Greece, Netherlands, Spain, Finland, Italy) and develop innovative policies that promote balance and inclusivity by harnessing the positive effects of Twin Transition.

We are responsible for the management and coordination of the project, as well as for the overall compliance of the project’s activities with ethical standards. Additionally, we are leading the implementation of a pan-European large-scale survey, gathering data on citizens’ intentions, drivers, and barriers related to moving due to twin transition factors. Furthermore, we are responsible for the innovation management within the project and for securing sustainability of the project’s results beyond the project’s timeline.