Funding source
EASME & European Commission – DG GROW

December 2018 to June 2020

Project information
Thematic keywords

  • Skills, skills needs & re-skilling
  • Careers & employment
  • Steel sector
  • Perception & image
  • EU policy
  • Businesses & SMEs

Methodological keywords

  • Desk research, Interviews & surveys
  • Perceptual & behavioural analysis
  • Workshops & events
  • Policy recommendations
  • Stakeholder engagement & Communication

Project narrative
Steelmaking is a key industrial sector in Europe, but it is changing at a fast pace. Domestic and global competition are fierce and new skills are highly in demand. The EU cannot and does not intend to compete on cheap labour and low social standards. However, to ensure Europe’s position as an innovator and a global competitor in this market, it is essential to attract workers with the right skillset.
This study laid the groundwork for ensuring that by creating an understanding of the skills needs of tomorrow, drivers of the steel sector’s image and by starting the communication work to make the workforce see and understand all the opportunities that the sector presents.

We were responsible for identifying and analysing the skills needs of the future as well as the drivers affecting the perception of the sector and providing policy and communications recommendations on how to ensure that the skills needs are met and the image of the sector improved.