Funding source
European Commission – Horizon Europe (CINEA)

November 2022 to October 2025 

Project information
Thematic keywords

  • Renewable energy sources 
  • Sustainability 
  • Bioenergy 
  • Market uptake 
  • Livestock Farming Industry 

Methodological keywords

  • Communication and dissemination 
  • Market research, mapping, analysis & user requirements 
  • Replication guidelines and policy recommendations 
  • Local engagement and capacity building 

Project narrative

Europe could double the biogas and biomethane production by 2030 by utilising the massive amounts of animal waste available. However, despite the technological maturity and commercial availability of relevant technologies, this promising potential is still largely untapped. ALFA has the objective to help unlock the EU’s biogas production potential by fostering the adoption of technologies using manure to produce biogas, thus helping increase the adoption of renewable energy sources in the EU and helping reduce emissions from untreated animal waste.  

The project will identify drivers and barriers for the uptake of biogas in the EU livestock farming industry and will support at least 50 livestock farmers from 6 EU countries (Italy, Denmark, Belgium, Slovakia, Greece and Spain) to overcome existing barriers through financial, business, and technical support services as well as capacity-building seminars. In parallel, the project will develop an Engagement Platform to host tools that facilitate collaboration and knowledge exchange among industry actors and provide credible estimations of each farm’s biogas potential, prospect profits, and environmental and social impacts. Moreover, ALFA will inform all relevant stakeholders via awareness-raising campaigns and policy recommendations, and will provide guidelines for replication of its results in other regions. 

White Research is coordinating the dissemination and communication activities of the project and leading the regional hub and activities in Belgium. Moreover, we are responsible for the market research activities through the analysis of stakeholders’ perceptions, needs, and challenges around livestock farming biogas uptake. Finally, we are responsible for the development of the ‘Replication Guidelines’ and ‘Policy Recommendations’ on EU and on national level that can help mainstream biogas solutions.  

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