Funding source
European Commission – Horizon Europe (REA)

December 2022 to November 2026

Project information
Thematic keywords

  • Climate change adaptation
  • Food security
  • Bottom-up policy recommendations
  • EU food system sustainability

Methodological keywords

  • Stakeholder needs and challenges analysis
  • Market research and perceptions identification
  • Awareness raising and capacity building
  • Stakeholder engagement and empowerment
  • Behavioural change interventions

Project narrative

ECO-READY’s overall objective is to equip the European food system with the means to obtain the necessary resilient dynamism and consolidate food security for the European citizens. Its aim is to improve policy-making capacity, by understanding the interconnections between climate change, biodiversity, and food security. The ECO-READY project will develop an Observatory (e-platform & mobile app), which will be available to society, policymakers, the scientific community, and the agri-food industry, integrated with a network of 10 Living Labs, covering all bioclimatic regions in Europe.

ECO-READY will ensure that European farmers and society’s interests will be reflected in future policy-making, through early-stage active engagement incorporating bottom-up recommendations, facilitated by the digital tools developed. White Research will be responsible for the stakeholder engagement activities of the project as well as for its SSH angle. In this context, we will conduct an EU-wide survey aiming at analysing consumers’ needs, interests and triggers of behavioural change towards more sustainable consumption.

Moreover, we will lead a set of awareness raising actions, at a regional and EU level, that will lead to the higher engagement of our stakeholders in the LLs and the Observatory. Furthermore, we will deploy consumer behaviour interventions, designed to bring sustainable behavioural modification towards food security.
White Research will also lead the work that will enhance the post project sustainability of the Living Labs. Finally, White Research will play a key role in the identification of the user-related requirements for the ECO-READY observatory through the organization of user research and participatory activities.