Funding source
EASME & European Commission – DG GROW

November 2017 to December 2018 (13 months)

Project information
Thematic keywords

  • Skills, skills needs & re-skilling
  • Careers & employment
  • Tourism sector
  • Perception & image
  • EU policy
  • Businesses & SMEs

Methodological keywords

  • Desk research, Interviews & surveys
  • Perceptual analysis
  • Workshops & events
  • Policy recommendations
  • Stakeholder engagement & Communication

Project narrative
Tourism constitutes one of the main socio-economic activities in the EU; despite its economic weight, it still appears as an unattractive sector for job seekers and new entrepreneurs. It furthermore shows poor adaptation to the demands of emerging tourist profiles.

This study created the baseline to address these challenges by offering a comprehensive overview of existing perceptions of careers in tourism and expectations in terms of skills needs and by initiating a communication campaign to showcase the new professional horizons that are emerging in tourism.

We were responsible for researching biases that may hinder access to tourism careers as well as positive aspects of tourism professions. We identified essential skills, attributes and qualifications for candidates willing to work in tourism; the role of education in this context; and the use of tools and initiatives created with the purpose of supporting self-development and employment. We also developed policy and communication recommendations to ensure that skills needs are met and the overall image of the sector improved.